Lean Implementation 101

Implementing lean is difficult…

…if you’re being told otherwise, you’re being lied to… This a collection of posts designed to help make that implementation a little easier.

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Change management is a critically important aspect of implementing lean.
The following article gives you 3 tips to help make that a little easier.

3 Tips on Change Management when Implementing Lean

Once you start an implementation or if you’re in the planning phases the following article will help make life a lot easier.
It will also make delivering results that much easier.

Taking Your Lean Implementation To The Next Level


Chances are 5S will be part of your implementation at some point.  Make sure not to get caught up in the hype and actually make the use of 5S useful.  Here’s a great article on getting real results from your 5S efforts.

The Definitive Guide To 5S: Why Most 5S Implementations Fail And How To Make Yours Different


Are you going be using a value stream map as a guide to your lean implementation?  If so, make sure to get the most out of it.  Here’s how…

Value stream mapping: Do You Want to Average or World Class


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